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    Parker Lemal-Brown (pronouns: he/him) is a transmasculine writer, producer and narrative consultant. Parker was raised by a literal village in rural New York, where there were more cows than people. Parker graduated with honors from Bowdoin College and has worked as a writer and strategist everywhere from San Francisco to Senegal.



    An award-winning slam poet and playwright, Parker now writes for TV and short-form content. He has worked in creative development & production on projects for Netflix, Amazon, NBC Universal, and more. After working on the shows TRANSPARENT and BLUFF CITY LAW, Parker worked in the writers room on season 3 of BRIDGERTON on Netflix and recently wrote a musical episode on GREASE: RISE OF THE PINK LADIES on Paramount Plus.



    Parker is a passionate advocate for intersectional LGBTQIA+ representation and making Hollywood equal for everyone. He is a member of Time's Up 5050by2020 Transmasculine Cohort, the #PayUpHollywood movement, and Young Entertainment Activists (YEA!). He has spoken on international panels about the urgent need for more diverse stories in our divided world. Parker is also a strategist for Crewvie.com, a networking site dedicated to making production crews more inclusive across the globe.



    Parker is a seasoned script reader who has worked for The Black List, Roadmap Writers and Coverfly. With a background in Sociology and a deep love of story structure, Parker is perfect if you need fresh eyes on a project or want a writer's perspective on stories with trans, queer, and/or nonbinary characters.



    In addition to creative work, Parker also consults in multiple industries, contributing research and strategy proposals. He is a strategy consultant for Northwestern University, curating the inital research for Executive Education at Medill School of Journalism, Media, and IMC. As the Head of Marketing for Sumbon, a social enterprise based in San Francisco, Parker launched the first marketing campaigns for the company and evolved overall UX design. Parker was also a French-English translator for the Centre de Guidance Familial, a nonprofit based in Dakar, Senegal. He recently co-authored a chapter for the book Digital Governance on ESG maturity scales. Parker works with social entrepreneurs, think tanks, universities, and more to create narrative strategies and innovative impact.



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    A few of Parker's past creative workspaces

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    Turning good ideas into great work.

    Story Consultations

    I work with writers of all levels on scripts in development, advising on character, story structure and pitching strategies.

    Career Catalyst

    First job or second career? I work with early-stage or aspiring creative professionals to jumpstart their careers in entertainment by crafting the perfect portfolio with bios, writing samples, loglines and more. Availble for workshops at colleges and universities.

    Identity Readings

    Does your script or show feature a LGBTQ+ character and you aren't sure if you're doing it right? I combine sociological training, media theory, creative writing and personal experience to help craft authentically incredible characters with compassionate storytelling.

    Strategic Narrative Consulting

    A 360o approach to creative development to turn your project into an immersive, multi-platform experience. From idea to premiere, how will you capture viewers' attention and turn it into real impact? What comes after the credits roll? Blending UX design, IMC, and narrative techniques, I'll work with you to craft a full world for your stories and campaigns that keep audiences coming back for more.




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    EP. 03: It's Not A Pie!

    Parker talks with PhD candidate and comedian Pamela Zabala about representation in Hollywood, how to research when writing different perspectives and of course, Grey's Anatomy.

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    EP. 116: Overcoming Trans TV Tropes


    Parker talks with David Toledo about Time's Up 5050by2020 movement, trans and nonbinary TV tropes, and finding inclusive online communities.

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    EP. 101: Getting In - First Jobs and Internships


    Parker talks with Julie Harris Walker about creating a professional network, finding internships and learning how to craft your own career path.


    Check out Catch A Break for Parker's Networking Guide, written for anyone trying to break into the industry and make new connections!

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    Meet Parker Lemal-Brown | Writer & Script Consultant


    Parker talks with Shoutout LA about work-life balance, navigating your personal identity with a professional career, and the best spots to eat in Los Angeles!

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    Conversation with Parker Lemal-Brown|East LA Stories


    An interview with Voyage LA about being in a writers' room, dealing with anxiety and his work in ESG strategy as a consultant for Northwestern University.

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    Stories & Insights


    An interview with Canvas Rebel about self-taught careers, unlearning lessons, and how identity is creativity

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    Call me, beep me if you want to reach me. Can't wait to meet you!

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